Since last time you heard from me I have been busy becoming a local in Britain :-p Do I really qualify? Well, I’d say, not yet… but you can decide for yourself.

The photo above is from my first dance gig in London! It was an underwater theme, as you may have guessed. I performed with Beyond Repair Dance at the Cutty Sark Ship, Greenwich.

London city lights.
Who knows what you might find under the sea.

I’ve also started a part time job selling outdoor clothing and have been volunteering for a local dance organisation. Below…? Probably my finest selfies.😂

Volunteering at a dance event in the town square.          Thanks for reading! See you next time. 😀
After my first day of work (I think)

I had a lovely weekend just gone. A day out in London and some Sunday afternoon art. Check out the photos below.

Was given the number of my birth date for an audition!!
Made A flying visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum.
‘Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.’ Matthew 5:5 (some synonyms of meek are humble and gentle)
  • Had a lovely Friday evening. Met a couple from church and went out for lobster!
    The London Eye that same evening.

    My Sunday afternoon visit to the local art gallery in Woking.

My Adventure Begins!!!

Hi everyone! This is my first blog! Since it’s taken me a little while to get started this post is in the form of a backstory. My adventure began 14 years ago when I attended my first ballet class. Ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to be a professional ballet dancer, and now the time has come to go and see the world of dance. The time has come to find out where Jesus has prepared a place for me in it. I gave my life to Jesus many years ago and I want to follow Him in everything I do, including dancing.

So on wednesday morning I waved goodbye to my family and friends, at home in Albury, and my
journey began. I was very excited, especially since I was heading straight to Ballet Cymru to do an internship with them, which is funded by Arts NSW through a great intiative they have, the Young Regional Artist Scholarship. My flight stopped over in Singapore on it’s way to London, Singapore airport has a butterfly house and a pond of Koi fish (which are like giant gold fish), which was pretty cool.

On the plane from singapore I sat next to a man who was working on his calculus home
work, we got chatting and he signed a page for me to take a picture of, lol! Then I was at Heathrow airport, wow… I had finally arrived in the UK! On the way to my accommodation I went grocery shopping and picked up a sim card, all while trying to juggle two suitcases and a briefcase, plus my handbag!!

Me in my PJ’s and thermal on saturday morning.

Everything was going very smoothly and I was still super excited and not particularly nervous… until… I got to my accommodation and there was no bedding or towels provided, it seemed like a disaster to me! I tried without success to get onto the local church, so I went down to the op shop. Unfortunately I left it too late and they were just closing. That, and walking around the streets realising I didn’t know anyone here, rattled my nerve. I felt awkward as if everyone could see I didn’t belong here at a glance. I began to feel overwhelmed and a lot less positive. Nevertheless, after drying with my shirt and sleeping in my PJ’s and thermal to keep warm, I set off the next day to remedie the situation.

One of the first dinners I made, Saturday or Sunday night!

That night I had a shower with a towel and slept under cosie bed sheets and a duvet, with a
real pillow instead of my horseshoe travel one! In the morning I went to church as I usually do on a Sunday. Ater taking the time to listen to what God was saying to me, as well as just being with His people, I was feeling much more positive. Even though I was still quite nervous about starting with Ballet Cymru the next day, I had dedicated my trip and my life to Jesus again that afternoon and was feeling peace in my situation.

So that’s my back story. Now to finish off this one first epic post (it’s so long)!

I have now completed my first week with Ballet Cymru and it has been an amazing learning experience, they work in a very different way to how I was trained and so there is lots for me to learn from them. Just being in a new enviroment has helped me become more aware of my ballet technique and experiencing the way the directors at Ballet Cymru choreograph and develop there work has opened my eyes to more ways I can grow as an artist. Meeting everyone there has been a privilige as well and they have all been so welcoming it has really helped me settle in. That’s all for today, keep on the look out for more (slightly shorter 😉 ) updates soon!!