The tithe barn at Farm Place.

Recently I had an amazing week watching three principal dancers from the Royal Ballet and the Queensland Ballet respectively, rehearse in the Royal Opera House studios. I was then able to attend two open rehearsal sessions and a performance of the piece at Messums Wiltshire, a multipurpose art gallery in Tisbury. The gallery finds it’s home in a tithe barn at Place Farm. The barn is the largest of it’s kind and dates back to the 14th Century AD.

Old Wardour Castle.

To finish my stay in Tisbury I went to visit Old Wardour Castle. It was an hours walk to get there but ended up taking me three hours after getting lost several times!! The castle was well worth it however; it is a partial ruin, installed with concrete floors so you can climb up to the different levels and set in a beautiful garden (as it has been landscaped into the new Wardour Castle’s garden as a ‘romantic ruin’).

Old Wardour Castle courtyard opposite view.

Seeingall this history, including being in the Royal Opera House where so much dance history has been made, I realised how, since the beginning of time, all people have contributed to making the world and each one of our lives what they are today.

Old Wardour Castle courtyard.

How our ancestors lived their lives has a direct impact on the world we live in today and on who we all are individually. All the people who have influenced me have a history of people who influenced them and all the resources I have access to have been built up through generations of hard work. The privileges and blessings I enjoy today I owe thanks for first to God, the giver of all life and every good gift, and then to those who lived before me.

A beautiful rainbow God put in the sky!
“So God said to Noah, ‘The rainbow is a sign of the agreement that I made with all living things on earth’ ” Genesis 9v17 (read Genesis chapters 6-9 to find out the story of the rainbow).

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